AOV- 45 KILLS WITHOUT DEATH IN MATCH?? Check out this Hero!


Arena of Valor- In today’s article, we will reveal the Top 3 kills in match by 3 different Heroes.

Check out the video below whether your favorite hero is included!


Hero with 23 kills in match- Batman

Credit: VY Gaming


Hero with 30 kills in match- Valhein

Credit: SLMN Gaming


Hero with 45 kills in match- Arthur!

Credit: Team W7K

Arthur is known as an agile tanks that owns unusual power and extremely excellent damage. He can  deal a massive damage with his dangerous abilities- Righteous Fervor, Holy Guard, Deep Impact (Ultimate). Click the video and learn the skills to get a MVP by using Arthur.

Comment & let us know what’s your top score for kills in match and which hero you are using!

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