Dota 2 – Team Secret is your DreamLeague Season 9 Champion


Team Secret Being Undefeated As They Didn’t Lost A Single Game This Tournament.

Dreamleague Season 9 is one of the minor Valve event in Dota scene as its carry a total 300 DPC points and prize pool 300,000 USD. As result, Team Secret secured their third LAN event champion (One Major, Two Minor) by winning Fnatic 3-0 in grand final. Besides that, Team Secret also won their back-to-back Dreamleague series event, the previous one on last year December. They also secure themselves 150 DPC points and 150,000 USD by defeating Fnatic without dropping one single game throughout the whole event.

So what’s make the team so great during the entire event?
Team Fight Executive – If you watch every Team Secret game played, their team fight are really outstanding. They trust their teammate, outplay opponent, unique mind game as well as weird lineup that makes the enemy team do not know how to react on the entire game.

Individual Performance – A great team fight come from a good individual execution on players themselves. If you talk about the MVP of the event, Team Secret.Ace will be the one, but the grand final, Team Secret.Yapzor got my vote. As a position 4/5, he is able to reach top 4 income, even there is a bounty hunter in his team. The wards that he placed on map provide informative visual for teammate and immediate TP to save their carry from danger.

After DreamLeague Season 9 end, the first half of Dota 2 event that carry DPC points are fully allocating to all the Pro team that won top four on tournament. Currently, Virtus.Pro is the only team that secured their TI8 spot. Based on regional, there are 2 CIS teams, 3 CN teams, 2 EU teams and 1 NA team.

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