Whats is METP ?

Malaysia E-Sports Tournament Party (METP) where the latest hottest games in Malaysia will be challenge across Malaysia from December onwards and the tittle decider will be know during the Grand Finale which will be held at one of the well-known shopping mall in Malaysia.

Why 5V5 E-sports Sdn Bhd?

We are offering sponsorship opportunities for companies we think would be a good fit for our audience as well as long term partnership plan.

I would love to chat more if you are interested and we would love to have you featured on our livestream and websites.

The date and venue of the tournament held

As for this, we are looking on the possiblty to kick start the event by Q4 of 2019 for qualifers and Grand Finale on Q1 of 2020.
As for the venue, it still undecided and Quill City Mall, KL will be the most likely the grand finale venue.

The nationality of participators.

Malaysian will be the majority audience, as for the 1st series we brought in a judge from TAIWAN and the crowd and her fan base were spectacular.

What kind of promotion or advertising will have for this competition?

As per our sponsorship package, there is 2 promotion avenue,

      1. Offline – Bunting, Banner, Logo placement at grand finale venue, logo placement at jersey and flyers
      2. Online – Livestream, Social Media Posting ( More details on this as per Sponsorship Deck)



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