Champions in God Tier List



Champions in God Tier list below have the highest influence, good in almost every situation and easiest to gain LP With. God Tier List includes Malzahar, Maokai, Twitch, Xin Zhao and Soraka.


God Tier List:


Malzahar continues to be amazingly powerful after his latest nerf. He is always the champion that always carry through the lanes to the late game. Indeed, he entered League of Legends God list as his pushing ability, his late game pic potential and ultimate damage.


Maokai was a champion with a slow move speed as his ultimate has often been a somewhat lacklustre spell. However, now he is able to reach the end of the lane more frequently and do more contributions in team fight since his speed range was increased by 20%.


Twitch continues to be champion who is extremely annoying because of his synergy with Ardent Censer. He further has the ability to solo enemy Marksmen easily. Twitch could be strongest enough with an Ardent support by his side compared to other marksmen.

Xin Zhao

Post-nerf Xin Zhao performs goodly in the battle and has a win rate of 51.81% and 59.17% for Platinum+ and Diamond III players respectively. Xin Zhao is a champion who can easily screw up in team fight. He is not only just one of the best engage champion, but also able to disengage people with his ultimate.


Soraka is considered as a champion who is difficult to deal. Soraka is able to prevent from being killed and attacked by staying behind ADC when ADC fight to AA closely. She is the champion who could be very powerful in the late game since she can take advantage of her low mana costs and keep spamming her “Starcall” skill.

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