Coming Patch 8.5: New Champion Kai’Sa, Illaoi’s First Skin, and Super-buffed Olaf



Patch 8.5 is going to be launched in the coming week in League of Legends. This patch highlighted

a New Champion, Kai’Sa. She is aunique marksman who can build AD, attack speed, or AP to evolve

her abilities and playstyle. Since Illaoi was released in 2015, she received a skin at this time. Olaf may

further be getting a buff just good enough to make him not so terrible. That’s all the changes of fixing

up problematic champions.


Let’s understand more about the New Champion, Kai’Sa.



Passive (Second Skin)


Living Weapon (Q: Icathian Rain)


Living Weapon (W: Void Seeker)


Living Weapon (E: Supercharger)


Living Weapon (R: Killer Instinct)



Here is the New Skin of Illaoi and Buffs of Plaf:



                                        Resistance Illaoi – 1350 RP



Buffs – Olaf

  • Cooldown lowered and AD ratio increased on Reckless Swing.
  • AD provided by Ragnarok increased from 40-100 flat AD to 15-25 flat AD plus 30 percent total AD.

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