LoL – TSM Fell from Semifinals at the First Time



TSM was defeated by Clutch Gaming in the NA LCS quarterfinals on Sunday. However, Clutch Gaming become the unexpected and shocked the world. In history of LCS, TSM was the team that never fail until Final, however TSM did the impossible to change the history based on their performance beyond the expectation.


A Bad Beginning of Game

TSM did not have a good performance against Clutch at the beginning of Game One. Clutch placed all their concentration on Top and bot lanes with help of LeBlanc at the mid lane.

The issue raised because TSM never concern about the side lanes that never pushed. However, TSM’s early strategy was to give map control for their jungler Mike Yeung’s Olaf. In fact, the strategy worked as Mike Yeung become unstoppable to push Clutch back with Olaf’s ultimate, item lead and high level.



The Reversal of Clutch

In Game 2, Skarner was selected by LirA as the champion to fight against the Olaf to stop TSM snowball. Meanwhile, Clutch supported Nicolas to grow faster although Skarner controlled the early game with fast clear ability. The strategy showed that Clutch wanted much more control by focusing these two champions. Hakuho proved his ability on using Thresh since he has successfully hooked after hooked to hit TSM players and placed them into helpless situation. Clutch was successfully done the reversal in the Game 2 with the carry of Hakuho.



Clutch Gaming Break History

In Game 3, TSM looked tilted after seeing the reversal of Clutch. In detail, Hakuho successfully selected Thresh again as he is the champion that seldom be banned by the pro team like TSM. However, he finally become the key champion that drove Clutch to become the winner of the battle with the result of 2-1 in the series. Clutch breaks the history by defeating TSM and proved that their ability to shut down the playoff of TSM.


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