New Blood Moon skin for Evelynn!!!


League of Legends has announced a new Blood Moon skin for Evelynn and it’s now available in the PBE server.

Blood Moon Evelynn

It is already been released in PBE server for players to use the skin to test bugs and send feedback. This skin featured:

New model and textures – including an oriental wrap-around dress.
Mostly recolored spell VFX, with some new bits – featuring that blood moon red
New SFX – Flute sounds entering Demon Shade form and new sounds while stealth-ed
New recall animation – Blood Moon seduction

The recall animation is shown in League of Legends’s Twitter account for the players who don’t have a PBE account, it shows Evelynn create a red blood sphere and hook it with her hook then jump on to the sphere and blow a kiss before returning to base.

According to Riot KateyKhaos, senior Quality Assurance on Skins, mentioned that the Blood Moon skin for Evelynn will be selling for 975 RP, cheaper than some other Blood Moon skins such as Talon’s Twisted Fate’s, Diana’s, and Jhin’s.

Currently there’s no release patch for the Blood Moon skin, this skin will probably release on the next Patch 8.9

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