7 years???!!! Dragon Master Swain Finally Comes True!!!!



In 2011, League of Legends communities started discussing about “Dragon Master Swain”, New Skin of Swain.


Every year, League of Legends communities created TOPICs for asking Riot about their Dragon Master Swain!!!


Even in COMMENTs!!!


However, Riot can’t make any promises on the Skin and mentioned that Dragon Master Swain was not slotted for production at any point until 2016.


Many players had to wait ages for a skin for Swain and some of them can’t wait for it until their leaving from League of Legends.


But, it finally happened after 7 years!!! It’s glad that Riot finally launched Dragon Master Swain by making League of Legends communities’ wishes come true this year 2018.

Video Source: Skin Spotlight




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