Why Does Blue Side Win More Games In League of Legends?



In League of Legends, does blue side win the fight more than red side?

It’s an inquiry that has tormented the Riot group from as early as 2010. In those days, a statistic demonstrated that blue side would win more games than red side by 4%.

The win rate of individual is higher than others just because of their participation in the blue side in the game of League of Legends?

It’s correct.

In any case, this must be an issue at low elo only right?

Not precisely. LCS (The Highest League of Legends ELO) published that the blue side will win approximately 4 in every 7 games, however the red side will just win 3 out of 7.

Throughout the years, Riot team has tried to fix this issue, but they haven’t succeeded. For adjustment, the camera angle on the red side was tweaked. Instead, the red side was adjusted to obtain a higher mmr, and even given an advantage in ban and pick their minions. In detail, a few players claim the minions from red side are normally more grounded.

To understand more detail information, let’s take a look at some statistics below, which is generated to show the advantage of blue side in the game of League of Legends.




Based on the table above, the full-scale resolution of infographic showed that an unfair advantage was hold by blue side in League of Legends. There are some ways that League of Legends deal with the issues of blue side’s advantages, however why?



Blue side obtained relatively more dragons and rift heralds. This is vital in light of the facet that these are both early game objectives that influence the whatever is left of the game. Dragon buffs are strong buffs that stay for the rest of the game, while Rift Herald enables you to destroy that first tower.



Red side receives slightly more Barons, which seems as an advantage, but actually Baron does not have a larger influence on the game. It is because Baron was extremely rare to be taken by the team when they are left behind. The early game can actually bring a huge influence and the game could be lost by the time of Baron appears. This truly form the favourable position that blue side has over the Dragon in the early game.



The infographic below demonstrates the possibility of you winning a game in view of your team colour and objectives. You’ll see that blue side is ahead in each and every objective.

The infographic scale above shows that the blue side has high win rate after any given objective than red side. In fact, red side has high possibility of winning a game than the blue side on June 2016 and it went on for one patch.




Every player who has engaged with League of Legends will know that the blue side is totally different from the reside. The map is mirrored, which implies that it has no symmetry pivot anytime. Based on the picture of the map below, you will see that the objectives like epic monster or buffs are flipped along the diagonal axis.


There is a big different since the map gives blue jungler a simply access to the Dragon in the beginning of the game. They are also able to ward the pit and make a steal easier compared to red side. Meanwhile, the bot lane tri brush makes blue side easier to have a control on the river.

Another advantage is about the blue side gains some advantages as the Rift is at the top side of the map. You will find the differences when you check the number of the bottom half and the top of the map. This make blue side easier to force a fight with only 3 players.

At last, Baron does become an advantage for red side, however this advantage will be gone by the late game. This advantage might be lost and might causes a loss of control of their own jungle when their team being behind in the late game.



Based on the terrain differences, some champions have better performance on the blue side. It could be difficult to do a push at the top lane during your time of juggling on the red side as you will need to move into the enemy jungle. This gives advantages for champions to freeze their top lane and keep farming. Champions like Nasus would achieve a higher win rate on the blue side than the red side by 5%.

The jungle is also clear. For blue team, you can get a pull from ADC and your support when you prefer to start with the red buff. For red team, you will onlygain assist from your top or mid when you want to start on the red buff.



Pick and ban is one of the place that is important and might makes you win or lose in a game. A lot players do not fully know the possibility of winning a game can be influenced through the pick and ban stage. In fact, red side can counter pick every single champion, but blue side can also do a pick on the first champion. In general, this become an advantage for red team in the pick and ban stage compared to blue team. However, a few players do not utilise this advantage to cover the biggest disadvantage the red side has.




The League of Legends camera is not exactly a rectangle, but it is a trapezium. It allows players to view more at the top of your screen rather than the bottom. You will get to see more space at the top of the screen than bottom when you put it bluntly. This isn’t notwithstanding saying the way that the UI will hinder a part of the bottom of your screen. It becomes a bigger advantage for blue side compared to red side. It significantly places blue side in a better position. The studies examined that the win rate of blue side is 56.4% for 3500 games.  The camera angle probably has an impact on the win rate, but we just can’t qualify it.




This is an interesting topic. Twisted Treeline is game mode where the camera is looking at the map the same for both sides, and possibility of wining is approximately 50:50. With regards to information of ARAM and Twisted Treeline, camera angle has become the most powerful contributor to the advantage of blue side in League of Legends.



To summarise all, Riot would need to figure out a method to mirror the camera for both sides in order to resolve the issues. The success example can be Battlerate where the camera mirrored that means you will usually be on the left side. However, it might be only work for Battlerite because it uses maps which are totally symmetrical. This wouldn’t work on summoners rift due to the monster and epic monster spawn locations. Perhaps, Riot can have a look on the game like Battlerite and apply a camera angle that will work for both blue and red sides.


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