Best Heroes for Newbies


Mobile Legends, a very famous MOBA game which expanding its market to overseas. For some people who play King of Glory, would like to play Mobile Legends too because the gameplay graphic is different to it. The western style of the game makes people feel the playability of the game is high. Besides that, it is also an example of a well-made MOBA game and the most successful game in overseas market. Mobile Legends brings a lot of benefits to newbies, as they will be giving out two hero skins for free, and sign everyday to get heroes. The core content of MOBA game is ultimately the gank between the heroes. Therefore, choosing a hero that suit yourself will make you feel the best game experience.

      1. Queen of the Apocalypse – Alice


Alice is a vampire which has explosive skills in completely sucks blood in late period. This hero has teleport skill, explosive blood sucking skills and even crowd control skills. The ultimate skill of Alice is an AOE artefact, very suitable for roaming gank.

       2. Starsole Magician – Cyclops


A cute mage which is very easy to use. Although it is small in size, but Cyclops has extremely powerful skills that you can’t imagine! It is a very satisfying hero that every beginner will play with. He has wide range damage and mobility which help in every gank. He also can use as a second mage support which go top or bottom lane, and the most perfect thing is, he is not mana hungry!

       3. Future hunter – Bruno


Dark skin, full set of future sense armour and football of Bruno is his significant feature. He can violence passively increase his early damage. He has very powerful skills especially his ultimate, the world wave, the only AOE skill which other marksmen do not have. Bruno can deal with large amount of damage when enemies are close enough to each other. Besides that, Bruno also has a skill which call flying tackle, can stun enemies and increase his movement speed. This will let him chase down opponent easily and simply escape from gank.

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