Feel lost while playing Mobile Legends?


Mobile Legends is getting more popular among MOBA game players. Some DOTA players are slowly turning to Mobile Legends as this mobile game which is easy to play anywhere and anytime they want. If you are new to this game or always lose in each match, this article will give you a hand in getting familiar with Mobile Legends.

You should

1.  Have a stable internet connection

This looks very unimpressive but this is the most important thing while playing Mobile Legends. You should be sure that you are playing with a stable internet connection.

2.  Choose hero(es) that fits the way you play

Some of the players only use those hero who ‘looks good’ but they are not really know what they are playing. You should know the way you play to explore the best game experience. For example, you can choose mage or marksman to play if you are afraid of dying (as you won’t die easily), play tanker if you like to take damage, assassin if you like to chase enemies, supporter if you like to protect and backup teammates. Another important key is, understand the heroes’ skills!

3.  Use the right battle spell

Flicker (Suitable for All)

Arrival (Suitable for All)


Retribution         Execute         Purify         Inspire         Iron wall


Retribution         Inspire


Sprint         Healing         Weaken


Healing         Purify          Weaken      Iron wall


Sprint         Healing         Aegis         Purify         Weaken

4.  Buy equipment that matches your hero

Apart from playing skills, equipment purchasing are also important in ensuring your hero acts good. Hero’s items come with many useful effects such as life steal, increase speed of movement, attack penetration and so on. So, try to check every item out to fully perform your skill!

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