Mobile Legends Battle Royale Mode Is Coming Soon


A breaking news released from Moonton, which mentioned that MOBA Battle Royale game mode might truly be launched in Mobile Legends in future. However, this game mode is still in the development stage at this moment. In fact, this secret has spread among the Mobile Legends fans when Mobile legends Arks published some images of Mobile Legends’s new game mode last month. Meanwhile, a few videos about the new mode follows to release in YouTube channel, including the channel of Akosi Dogie.

The new game mode called as “Last Stand Mode”. In detail, Battle Royale game mode in Mobile Legends version will be slightly different from Free Fire, Rules of Survival and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds because the gun weapons will not feature in the game mode. The gamers will certainly use Mobile Legends heroes and their abilities to do farming and fighting in the game.

When the game begins, all the Mobile Legends heroes will first fly in with a dragon like the old version of Lord. The players tend to clear the jungle monsters as much as they can in new mode instead of picking up weapons. At this moment, we are still not clear about the specific number of players that can take part in one game. Yet, a white circle obviously exists on the map as we can see with a countdown according to the end of the game’s footage. It demonstrates the new game mode of Mobile Legends has obtained a “safe zone” in-game, which is like PUBG.

All to all, this new game mode become the most exciting part for Mobile Legends fans to focus on now. The Mobile Legends players will always look forwards to the know about how Mooton do showcase for Mobile Legends Battle Royale game mode. Let’s share us about your interest your opinion to this new mode.

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