Why Mobile Legends is So HOT!!! Over 10 Million Players


Battle Time is Short

Mobile Legends is actually an amazing mobile game as each player can gain a complete MOBA experience from the convenience of your phone. It does not require too much time wasted on farming so the games are intense and quick. For example, some players can end game in 6 minutes like video below.


Video Source: BluePanda

Everyone Can Play

In this Smartphone era, Mobile Legends seems to be one of the mobile games for everyone to play easily by using their mobile phone. Unlike Dota2, this game is simple as players can simply tap on “quick purchase” items once they collected enough gold. This mobile game also involves different players come from all over the world. The players might communicate with different languages, therefore it make everyone feel more comfortable in talking and shouting when you feel exciting to the games.



The Best Moments when Playing

Just imagine the moment that all of the friends sitting down to play and discuss the Mobile Legends together. The interaction between friends become more, even some players make new friends through Mobile Legends!!!

                                                 Photo Source: Alkchaos

Train Yourself and Build Your Confident

Mobile Legends provides the game analysis for each battle. Every player is able to know their performance after battles so they can do improvement by themselves from each game. Those data include amount of gold earned, kills, deaths and others. It trains each player to be a MVP in mobile games.

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