PUBG Miramar & Erangel Map Guide


PUBG Miramar Map Guide:

Miramar weapons

There are quite a number of weapons are available in Miramar, however a few of them are worth to searching out. If you are a beginner, you can try to use Sawed-off shotgun as this weapon is an addition to any inventory as the size is small enough to count as a sidearm, thus close-quarters stopping power of a shottie without giving up primary weapon space. If you can’t get your hand on SKS, the lever-action Win94 is a solid Designated Marksman Rifle .When you have trouble to find gear, R45 will be a great pistol choice for you.

New vehicle

There are now two new cars and a jet ski in your vehicle option for Miramar but it is not necessary worth to pick up. For the rugged new map, pickup is the ideal addition as it is both quick and has the ability of crossing rough with ease. While for VW- inspired van is opposite, it is drowsy, simple to spot and shrouded in largeglass windows, and absolutely helpless on anything besides tarmac. However, it can carry 6 people. If you want cross Miramar’s modest body of water with ease, Aquarail jet suki is a good choice. It is desirable over the PG117 unless you are playing in squad servers.

Vertical investigation

You can scale various of shacks and house by ascending nearby obstacle as Miramar has been built with vaulting in mind. One thing that you would normally overlook is the high-level loot who often secreted away on top of buildings. This is because these shacks for the most part have great cover at rooftop level, becoming a great sniper nests.

Greater entry points

With the addition of vaulting to PUBG indicates that you are enable now to climb in and out of most house without using a door. Building in Miramar are much harder to evaluate as there are extra more windows, doors and vertical entrances. However, this will bring trouble to defenders as well as you are not required to sit tight with your shotgun trained at main door.

El Pozo wrestling field

With regards to PUBG tips, you can ignore the loot hot spot as there are number of players you need to compete against. El Pozo wrestling arena boasts various, healing items, assault rifles, and a bizarre number of scopes at relatively low risk. Even better, securing all the best gear rapidly and catching different players off guard when you parachute onto its roof and loot the building from the top down.

Hacienda del Patron

Normally you can get the best loot in the big building and draw equally huge crowds of players. However, you can find a couple of assault rifles and DMRs, as well as armour, healing items, and attachments in a building that is even smaller than Erangel’s popular school spot.

Pecado wrestling field

Similar to El Pozo where Pecado’s wrestling arena can be immediately accessed by parachuting onto its roof and dropping in through a caved-in ceiling. There are sufficient of assault rifles, shotguns, ammo, and attachments are available for you.


PUBG Erangel Map Guide:


Sosnovka Military Base

Sosnovka Military Base is a place that is full of risk that comes with abundant rewards, military-grade weapons, attachments, and armour are all available. You can definitely have found something great there and if you wish to end the match quickly, this location is a great choice. To reach the mainland, you will need to cross one or two bridge. One of hints is staying clear of bridges will work for you as they are prevalent trap spot.

Yet, Sosnovka Military Base is constantly useful for a sniper rifle, a lot of armour, automatic weapons, and high-control degrees to boot. There are likewise a couple of vehicles specked around the base and some in the settlements by bridge that will enable you to make your escape once you have loaded up on gear.


You can found 2 areas in this place, one is a small town in the northwest and another is a school complex and apartment block located in the south. Rozhok can be mention as a crafty beginning spot because of its central location and popularity as a scavenging spot. This place is safer because of the high density of building and cover, however you can only have found standard weapons, for instance pistols, shotguns, and assault rifles. There are a few rarer guns you can find in the school but it usually more dangerous as there a number entry points.

Lipovka military bunker

You can find many weapons and armour in south of Yasnaya Polyana and west of Lipovka. This place offers you a good chance of finding scope, sniper and lot of assault rifles within it hence it is perfect for kitting out a player or entire squad.


You can discover all that you could require in this coastal town just similar like Sosnovka Military Base, however you may involve in intense firefight.One of the appealing point of Georgopol is that there are often have 3 or 4 vehicles to choose from.  It may not be an extraordinary spot for making it to the later phases of a match because of the absolute number of vantage focuses you can get killed from, however a modest shotgun is all you should enter the shred with certainty here, making it among the best time spots to drop into.





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