PUBG 1.O UPDATE #12 | New Vehicle, New Weapon, New Attachment & Map Selection


Playerunknown’s battleground 1.0 new update  #12

PUBG PC patch note 12 has released a few days ago, few major updates that you should take note of are the new weapon, new vehicle, map selection, new attachment, and weapon balance change.

Player’s feedbacks have taken into consideration as most of the updates #12 are the requested by players. This shows that PUBG took all comments and feedbacks seriously in order to improve customer experience.

‘This is a big patch notes’ mentioned by the PUBG Corp. Many new adjustment and new features have added to the live server which makes the games become much more interesting

Now, let’s discuss the new updates.

Map selection

Previously, players are not entitled to choose any map that they wished to play. Both Erangel and Miramar map are given randomly to all the players. PUBG Corp has received a lot of demands that request for map selection and now has finally come. The player can choose to play exactly the map they want (Erangel or Miramar), if you choose multiple games, it will randomly pick up one map.


New Vehicle

A new muscle car named ‘Mirado’ has introduced in this new update. This new vehicle is only available in Miramar map and players can search this car around downtown areas and main city streets. Before you try out this car, let’s has an overview of its strength and weakness. This car is outstanding because of its hard body and it is a fast four-seat car. However, it can’t work well when taking an off-road, which will slow down the car speed.


New Weapon

Besides from vehicle, a new weapon SLR has added to the new update as well. It is a powerful DMR which uses 7.62 ammo and fit 10 bullets per magazine. The tip for using SLR is the recoil control.

Weapon Balance change

New attachments

  • Players can also find a number of new attachment for the weapon. Let’s look below for details:
  • Duckbill – It is a new attachment for shotgun (S1897 & S12K). With this attachment, it can decrease the vertical pellet spread yet raise the horizontal bullet spread.
  • Light Grip- It enhances vertical and horizontal recoil to Ars, SMGs, DMRs ((UMP9, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS) but decrease recoil recovery time.
  • Thumb Grip- It enhances the recoil recovery time and horizontal recoil but decreases vertical recoil.
  • Half Grip- Both vertical/horizontal recoil and recoil recovery time have reduced.
  • Added scope 3x (common item) and scope 6x (rare item).


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