PUBG Decided To Sue NetEase For Copyright Infringement


BlueHole takes legal action against NetEase for copyright infringement.

PUBG Corp claims that there are several elements in rules of survival and knives out were copied from Playerunknown’s Battleground games.

Two popular battle royale mobile games Knives Out and Rules of Survival are both under NetEase Chinese Company. On last year November, these two games were released and has gained a huge popularity. While PlayerUnknown’s Battleground game has released in March 2017, which is a few months earlier.

If you ever experience both PUBG mobile and Rules of Survival mobile games, you will found that both games features are extremely alike. PUBG Corp declares that users will confuse that both Knives Out and Rules of Survival are under production of PUBG as the games look very similar. PUBG requests for $150,000.00 per infringed work as statutory damages for violates copyright infringement, which means both games cost $300,000.00.

PUBG Corp mentioned total 25 copyright elements which make PUBG games unique.

Following below are the some of the similarity:
  • 100 players parachute from the airplane,
  • The map outlook looks pretty alike
  • Using frying pan as melee weapon
  • The pre-match area where all players gather before the game starts
  • Using their famous phrase ‘Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner’
  • Shrinking safe zone
  • reviving fallen teammates,
  • Games area and building
  • Airdrop that supply box
  • Solo, duo and squad modes
  • Similar building and areas
  • Collect equipment



On the other side, NetEase denies that they are copying PUBG Corp. and refused to acknowledge PUBG’s intellectual property rights. They claimed that they have been doing research for many years to come out the best games to all their players. NetEase further emphasized that they adhere to innovation and originality. Lastly, NetEase will not give up on both Knives Out and Rules of Survival that has over millions of players.



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