PUBG New Weapon Skin and Added 2 New Crates


PUBG New Weapon Skin

Good news guys, the first-ever new weapon skins are now available on live server PC.

PUBG Corp has introduced new weapon skins on the test server for players starting on yesterday, it will permanently carry out when the test build is proven to be stable.

There are two methods available for players to obtain weapon skins which are either through Triumph Crates or Raider Crates. Players can equip the skin under the weapon section in customization.

Raider crates could be unlocked at 700 BP without any key, while Triumph crates require weapon skin key to unlock at 1200BP which can be purchased in Steam community market.

Image for Raider Crate & Triumph Crate



PUBG First Year Anniversary on Steam

To celebrate PUBG 1st year anniversary on steam, Bluehole Corp is giving out limited edition anniversary free weapon skin for the SCAR-L and it is valid until first of May only.

The skin is neither tradable nor destructible.

Go & grab your new weapon skin now by just login to your PUBG live server.

Don’t you think eating chicken with your new weapon skins is pretty cool? Try out now 😉







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