Sanhok map test server & PUBG patch note 14


New Sanhok Map

Sanhok Map was returning to test servers again for the fourth time. It has been a long period of experimental testing since the beginning of April. With two months of the period and running 4th times of experimental, Sanhok has finally come to the final round of experimental testing.

Sanhok Map previously named as Savage, PUBG Corp has turned the name into Sanhok. The new map is twice smaller than Miramar and Erangel map which expect to bring more fun and excitement to all players.  Without incident, Sanhok map will officially launch at the end of June.

Testing begins:

May 31, 7pm PDT / June 1, 4am CEST / June 1, 11am KST

Testing ends:

June 4, 4am PDT / June 4, 1pm CEST / June 4, 8pm KST

PUBG Patch note 14

PUBG has launched new patch note 14, minor updates have been made. Two updates players should especially take noted by the players are the change in throwables and new anti-cheat tech.



Throwable such as frag grenades, stun grenades and molotovs has made the improvement. For frag grenades, it has to buff its effective range and its damage in order to restore the frag killing power. While for stun grenades, it can now affect players’ vision, hearing, and their ability to shoot accurately. Molotovs has added new properties for enhancing the area of effect. Players can now spread fire along walls and wooden surface in houses.

New anti-cheat tech

Besides, the new patch also introduced the new anti-cheat tech to combat those cheaters. Currently, this tech has come out in test server for all players. You can choose to enable or disable the anti-cheat tech. Players are welcome to feedback to PUBG Corp for any issues found for them to make further improvement and continue to serve their customer better.



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