Dota 2 – Mineski Is Your DAC 2018 Champion


History Has Been Made As Mineski Become The First SEA Team To Win Dota Major Tournament.

Mineski come out strong at the group stage as they only lost one game to the three times major champion Virtus.Pro. During the Main Stage upper bracket, Mineski almost win all game with 2-0 except losing one game against VG gaming to reach the DAC grand final. Mineski defeated LGD with the score of 3-2, so much hype and intense for both 5 games.  In the final day, 3 teams play all 8 games as LGD defeat VP with the score of 2-1 advance to the grand final.

Mineski walk away with 750 DPC points and 370.000 USD (about RM1.43mil). With those huge point increment, Mineski has climb up to top 4 DPC points on the DPC board. Unfortunately, Evil Geniuses and NaVi have been kicked out from top 8 DPC team. Beside that, this is the first Major Champion for both SEA Legends, Mushi and Iceiceice since 2014. From the community like twiiter and weibo, majority of the people thought that they are definitely deserve this DAC champion for their great performance, hard work and momentum of winning a game.

Although five Mineski members playing on their own new high level, one guy cannot be miss out, he is 71. The team and community of dota gave the most credit to 71 (nickname), coach of Mineski. 71 is a Dota legend in China on coaching Dota 2 team such as Ehome, Team DK. If you are a Dota 2 scene follower, you will never forget Team DK 2014.  71 did all the ban/pick for Mineski, make sure they have hero lineup advantage against the opponent.

Esports Sponsorship

Mineski sponsors are satisfied with the result. Why? The team members taking home a huge amount of money and points, and the sponsors of the team earn huge amount of brand awareness. In the grand final game, there are more than One million view watching the game via online channel such as Twitch, Facebook Live. Of course this amount is not include those Chinese Livestream platform, it can be more than at least 10 millions view for the entire event, English plus Chinese platform. More and more organization decided to sponsor Esports team to gain brand exposure around the world such as Airasia.

The Next Dota 2 Major Event will be Epicentre XL, hold in Moscow and Mineski is one of the qualifier. With four major and 2 minor left, this is the latest ranking of DPC points holding team.


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