Mobile Legends Released Mayhem Mode to Welcome 2018 World Cup

Special adjustments of Mayhem Mode that you cannot missed out!


Did you see Mobile Legends heroes can score a football goal in Mobile Legends before? Let’s explore it now!



The Mobile Legends developer has launched Fashion Mayhem in Mobile Legends since everyone feels exciting about the upcoming 2018 World Cup. Moonton preferred to use a different way to gather all ML fans and celebrate the big event in Mobile Legends.

Football Map

To welcome FIFA World Cup 2018, Mooton designed the map with the soccer-theme, which is totally different and fresh to their fans compared to the classic mode. In the new map, Mooton designed a football shaped base, which displays like a top visit place for every player. Many fans did take photos with it by using different heroes. Moreover, a football net was allocated at the base from the beginning of the games. Basically, towers also cannot escape from the tailored design as it displayed as a spinning ball with black and white colour.

Heroes Adjustment and Game Setting

In Mayhem Mode, Mooton improved the cooldown, skill damage and skill effects of the existing heroes. It aims to make the players to feel more fun when killing the enemies and smash-up their base to win the game. However, it requires the players to have a level of 9 or above to enter this new game mode. All to all, the players can enjoy their playing with the Mobile Legends heroes that have OP skill. It would be no matter whether you win or lose in this game mode as it does not affect your ranking after the battle.


Mobile Legends Heroes available in Mayhem Mode are as below:





Akai   Balmond


Alice   Bane

Alpha   Cyclops

Angela   Estes


Aurora   Franco


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