New Ultimate Skin | Gun Goddess Miss Fortune


It’s good news to players who have preference on Bounty Hunter champion in LoL because of the new arrival of Miss Fortune’s Ultimate skin, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune. In fact, an anime-style cinematic trailer released two days ago, which was similar to the kick-ass cinematic trailer of God Fist Lee Sin in 2017.


During the game, there are 4 interchangeable super-weapons available for players to choose, which are

Zero Hour, Starswarm, Royal Arms and Scarlet Fair.


In detail, a couple of community complained about the color of new skin and not worth for money. But, there are still many players loves the anime as well as the skin. Most of them cannot wait for buying this new epic skin of Miss Fortune and try it in battle game.

This new skin revealed on 22 March 2018, 8AM PST with the price of 2775 RP. To be honest, the price of this new Ultimate skin considered as cheap compared to other champions’ Ultimate skins.


Are you ready to get it and start playing?


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