Team NXL Made Impossible to Become Champion of MPL Indonesia!!!



The most competitive Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia Season 1 was finally ended this month and born a Mobile Legends Champion, Team Nxl. It took Mobile Legends fans to go through a lot of unforgettable battles from game registration on December 2017 until grand final on April 2018. It created a big crowd of Mobile Legends for live show of the MPL Grant Final in Mal Taman Anggrek.


The Journey of Teams

Based on the table below, RRQ.O2 successfully moved into upper bracket underlying the double elimination system.They surprised their fans after forcing Bigetron Player Kill to lower bracket. However, the team could not hold their victory longer anymore when they meet Team NXL. Team NXL defeated RRQ.O2 two times in the matches, hence RRQ.O2 only obtained third place at the end of the tournament.

In the Grant Final, Team NXL made the impossible and surprised all mobile legends fans when they successfully defeated EVOS Esports. In fact, EVOS Esports defeated Team NXL in Match 11. But, Team NXL still catch the chance to do their fight-back against EVOS Esports after beating RRQ.O2. Finally, it leads to a result of Team NXL to become the Grand Final Champion with the score of 3-2.


Source: Gcube

MPL Indonesia Winner List


Team Winner Position Prize and Awards
Team NXL 1st Winner of MPL Indonesia 36,794 US Dollar
EVOS Esports 2nd Winner of MPL Indonesia 17,661 US Dollar
RRQ.O2 3rd Winner of MPL Indonesia 7,359 US Dollar
Bigetron Player Kill 4th Winner of MPL Indonesia 4,415 US Dollar
Rev Indo 5th Winner of MPL Indonesia 2,208 US Dollar
Elite8 Critical Reborn 6th Winner of MPL Indonesia 2,208 US Dollar
Louvre 7th Winner of MPL Indonesia 1,472 US Dollar
Saints Indo 2 8th Winner of MPL Indonesia 1,472 US Dollar

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