The Rework of Irelia Champion Spotlight: Skins and Splash Art



Good News to League of Legends fans! Now, the rework of Irelia will be released in Patch 8.7 since Irelia was launched 8 years ago. Her rework
makes her to be fresh enough. Her look become more badass in her latest art, however she is still an elegant champion in league of legends.


Let’s check out Irelia Gameplay now!!!



Besides that, splash art for all of her skins are totally beautiful and fresh!!!


Skin of Irelia

Order of The Lotus (Cost: 750 RP)


Frostblade (Cost: 975)


Aviator (Cost: 520 RP)


Infiltrator (Cost: 975 RP)


Nightblade (Cost: 520 RP)


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